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About MIMYK™

We have been working in the fashion industry for over 10 years and making our face coverings fashionable and comfortable for YOU was the natural step for us to go.



MIMYK™ was launched between friends during COVID-19. The creators of MIMYK™ have been in the fashion industry for over 10 years. The natural next step to take this year was to create fashionable and comfortable masks for you. These masks have been created not only protect us, but we believe that they can also be a new fashion accessory, and a nice addition to our wardrobes. We have brought together our contacts to mills and our creative network to design this exclusive collection of non-medical face masks.


Sustainability is the key.

We work transparently and concentrate on preserving the “human being as a resource” and skills.

We are aware of the unjust distribution of wealth and privileges and strive every day to build trusting and indulgent relationships with all of our employees, to preserve handicrafts and traditions and to employ people in sustainable work through our project.



We tested different shapes and constructions to get the most comfortable fit. All of our fabric masks are machine washable (please take note of the care labels). All masks have an opening on the inner layer to insert / replace filters for additional protection. Our jacquard fabric is made exclusively for us in Italy. The current crisis has made many producers unemployed therefore we wanted to continue to support our producers and work together with conscious suppliers and craftsmen.



Our jacquard fabric is made exclusively for MIMYK™ in Italy and produced in very small quantities, helping us avoid overproduction and focus and deliver quality products.

Ideas and Collaborations


We have gathered international creative contacts over many years, who are now coming together to help benefit YOU through MIMYK™. This is just the beginning – there are still many exciting collaborations to come that will beautify you and keep you fashionably “protected”.
For one of our first Capsule Collection we partnered with ARVET  ( who created stunning handcrafted embroidery inspired by global art & artists – turning EVERY piece it is attached to into wearable, timeless art.
We’ve also partnered with, a UK-based start-up founded and led by successful black talent. We have secured exclusive colour combinations of the “BREATH WELL” mask for YOU, which are vegan, sustainable AND certified ( EN 14683: 2019 + AC: 2019 ).